Rabbit or Duck

On the back side  of a cardboard there is drawn a rabbit or a duck. Children will guess everytime what is in the drawing.

The prickled balloon by a pencil

A balloon passes through a tube and is prickled by 2 pencils. But Magic, the balloon doesn’t break!

We pull out the pencils and the balloon has no hole.

How to do a knot using just one hand?

Children will learn to do a knot on a rope using  just one hand

 Water doesn’t  run from newspaper

We pour water in the newspaper and the water disappears. Hocus- Pocus and the water runs from the newspaper!H

2 ribbons transformed in a magic wand

Magician shows 2 ribbons and those are  transformed in a magic wand

What colour is hidden in the box?

Children will choose a colour and….surprise! a sheet of paper having the same colour as the one chosen by children appears in a box that apparently is empty

4 knots on a rope
On a rope appear instantly 4 knots at  magician’s command

Bended key

A  book with a straight key is signed by a person and holded in his hand. The magician succeed to bend the key in the book.

Magic ribbons

3 different coloured ribbons are hanged on a stick. With a magic those change the order on the stick.

Coloured beads

Magician gives to a person 3 coloured  hairpins beads. The Magician will guess the colour of the beads chosen by the person

Knotted  Scarf and Rope

A scarf and a rope are knotted but using a magic those got separated

Candies that get out from the phone

On the phone’s screen appear candies. Those are put on the hand and….they are real candies.

Balloon inside the bottle

A balloon is blown-up in a bottle although it is not fastened the air cannot get out of it. At the magician’s command balloon becomes deflated

The bulb that lights  through a magic

The celebrated will light a bulb through a magic power

The key that slides from a rope

A key is  knotted  on a rope and is given to a person. Magician succeeds to  pull out the key from the rope.

Transformers’ bag

The audience will put in a bag various objects and those will become bigger or less or can be much more  objects than at the beginning.

Fastest cowboy
A chosen card by a person is pulled out of  Magician from the closed  card packet which is in the pochet.

Flower from the pot
The Magician holds an empty pot and the celebrated succeed to appear a flower.

Ring on the chain

A trick  and a  ring that knots itself on the chain in a person’s hand

Magic butterfly

A drawn buterfly on a paper is introduced in a book but when the book is opened the butterfly  flies.

Cut balloon and transformed in a new one

A child will cut a piece from balloon. After the celebrated says the magic formula the balloon will blow-up.

Money goes out from the wallet
At Magician’s command  money goes out from the wallet

 Established Tricks

Rabbit from the hat
From the magic hat will go out a rabbit toy

Knotted  ribbons

A child introduces 5 coloured ribbons in a magic hat. After the celebrated says the magic formula the ribbons will be pulled out knotted from the hat. Now with Roumania’s flag too.

Magic rope

Magician holds a rope and together with the children from the party will  succeed to make the rope to stay straight on horizontal.
Coloured book
Magician shows a book where the drawings disappeared. Children will  succeed to appear the drawings and to colour them.

 Phone’s card
A child choose a card from the card packet  and this will appear on the phone’s screen.

Mirror’s card
A person choose aleatory  a card from the card packet  and this one will appear in a mirror.

Magician floats
Magician floats in front of the children, approximately 10 cm from the ground

Milk in a cornet
Magician pours milk from a cup into a cornet and using a magic milk will disappear.

Magic glass
Magician  puts in a glass a scarf and transforms it in candies.

Bug that disappears

Together with a child or parent the Magician shows 3 cards. One of them has printed a bug. In a magic way the bug disappears from the card and appears….

 Face paint that pass through the hand

Magician puts on the back side of hand little face paint and starts to rub it until  disappears. When the person look into his palm the face paint appears

Water that doesn’t pour from the glass
Magician will fill 2 glasses of water (one for him and the other one for the celebrated). They will keep a glass on the head, will twist and will pour the glasses into their head. But…..surprise……..the water doesn’t run!

 Balanced glass on a card
Magician will show a simple card and will make that a glass to be balanced on it

Magician will guess the magic pencil (children choose the colour)

Children will choose a colour meanwhile the magician doesn’t look because his eyes are covered. Magician will guess the magic pencil

Broken tissue is transformed in a new one
Magician will break a tissue in front of the children and using a magic this one will be transformed in a new one after the magician used magic powder.

Stick that disappears

Magician will hold a stick and by the help of children the stick will disappear.

Scarf  pulled out from a glass by Magician

This trick will be done by the help of a child that will put a scarf in a glass and will fasten the glass. Using a magic the scarf will be pulled out from the glass.
Crochet passes in a balloon without break it
Magician will blow-up a balloon and will pass a sharp crochet trough it without break it

 Water from the hat

Helped by a child the Magician will make a „mistake” and will pour water in a hat, but using a magic he succeed to get out the water from it without being wet.

Hanged glass on a rope
Magician and a child will try to make a rope to stay straight in a glass. They don’t succeed but will realize something amazing.

 Playful Pity
Pity is an imaginary character. Magician will show to children an empty tube in which  Pity will play with a ball and a rope.Even if the tube is empty inside of it will be happen magic things.

Cut rope passed through a straw and transformed in a new one

A rope is passed through a straw. The straw is cut in 2 parts but the rope remains the same.

Objects levitation
Magician will make the objects around him to float.

3 different ropes becoming the same
Using a magic 3 different ropes will  become the same.

Chinese sticks
A fascinating trick with 2 sticks where are hanged ribbons.

Ribbon knot
A rope is knoted and the Magician will make that knot to disappear from a child’s hand

Magic wallet
Magician introduces a sheet of paper in a wallet and after that he says a magic formula and the paper is transformed in……

Rope passes through the hands of an assistant
Magician will fasten a rope around the hands of an assistant and the rope will pass through his hands and he will not feel anything.

Knotted ring pulled out from the celebrated
The celebrated, now magician’s assistant will succeed using a magic to pull out the knotted ring from the rope.

3 knotted ropes  
Magician will show to children 3 knotted ropes and will make to become just one rope and the knots to disappear  

Phone inside the balloon
A phone will be introduced in a balloon without breaking it.

Passing rope through the body  (realized with 3 children)
A funny trick in which a child will be dressed with the magician’s coat and fastened with 2 ropes. The others children will pass the ropes through the body and he will not feel anything .

 Magic wand
A magic wand that is moving itself in Magician’s hand.

Passing rope through the neck
Magician will wrap a rope around his neck and will make the rope to split.

Handkerchief disappears in hand
Magician holds a handerchief in his hans. He moves it in the other empty  hand  and this disappears.

Fastened eyes
Magician will be fastened on  eyes and he will read the guests’s thoughts. The scarf can be tested.

Bended teaspoon
A famous trick in which the magician succeed to bend a teaspoon in front of the children.

Broken magic wand ( a funny trick)

The celebrated will receive a magic wand from the Magician but in his hands this will break.

Where are hidden the balls? (helped by the celebrated)

 A funny trick with sponge balls that appear and disappear from the children’s hands.
Climbing ring on the rope

A ring climbs itself on a rope

 Scarves that change the colour
Helped by the children the Magician succeeds to change the colour of  2 scarves.

Pen from the bottle
A pen will be introduced in a bottle and through a magic the pen will move and will raise inside the bottle.

Vase of flowers (magicianhelped by a child)
Magician and a child will have each a vase of flowers. They must turn upside down the vase of flowers without  falling .Magician will succeed to do it but the guest will not do it and all the guest will be amused.

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