Magician Parties for Family / Adults

Magic shows and illusionism for Family and Adults Parties in Bucharest and Ilfov County.

Magic show is addressed to children and adults too.

Magician Parties for Family are addressed to the birthday of children, Baptism party, Wedding,  adults party where are invited families with children or for a relaxing family party at week-end.

A magic show with a magician is  interactive with the  participation of the children and adults too.

A magician party for family and adults  lasts 50 minutes.

During the magic show you will enjoy at least 20 tricks.

During the magic show for family and adults you will enjoy:

  • appearance and  disappearance of objects
  • scarves that disappear and appear from nowhere
  •  magician discovers an object hidden by someone, having the  covered eyes
  •  magician says a number or a card chosen by someone from public
  • cards tricks
  • appearance and  disappearance of money
  •  face paint that pass through the hand
  •  magic bug
  • application phone tricks
  •  ring that knots itself on the chain
  • telepathy tricks , a person thinks about the same things as the magician
  • a person choose aleatory a number that represents a page number of a book and the magician says what is written at that page
  •  magician shows a sealed envelope and a person choose the same number as the one written on the sheet of paper inside the evelope
  • a person throws the die twice and the magician says the numbers
  •  magician arranges in front of a person 5 objects and writes the name of a single object on a ticket. That object will be chosen by the person.
  • a  coin that dissapears from the magician’s hand
  • a glass of liquid that dissapears from the magician’s hand
  • 5 persons will write on a ticket a word and after they will pack and then  the magician says what is written on it
  •  envelope with money. The Magician shares with the audience 3 envelopes but only one contains money
  •  a knotted key on a rope is pulled out from the magician’s hands
  • a  book with a straight key is signed by a person and holded in his hand. The magician succeed to bend the key drawn in the book.
  •  word from magazine. Someone holds at back a magazine, thumbs through  it and makes a X on a page. The magician says what word is written on X marked  place.
  •  water doesn’t  run from newspaper. We pour water in the newspaper but the water doesn’t  run. But after a magic trick the water appears again and it is pour in a glass
  • a  knot on a rope without leaving the ends of it. An interactive and funny trick.
  • broken beads. The Magician breaks a string of  beads and pulls out the thread in which they were stringed
  •  Magician puts in his mouth in different places thread and beads and takes out again stringed
  •  Magician shows 3  colourful cardboards.  Before of that the magician wrote on a ticket the colour that will be chosen by the person.

Choose a Magician Parties for Family and  Adults for a plus of mistery, comedy, joy,  fantasy and  interactivity.

Magician Parties for Family and  Adults Bucharest-Ilfov

Only for kids -50 min show- 250 RON/show*

Mixt Show for kids and adults – 300 RON/50 min show*

Only for adults – 50 min show – 350 RON/show*

the price is only for parties in Bucharest
For Ilfov will be added transport costs.

Telephone: 0733.24.78.38 / 0773.81.68.79 | Email:


150 RON – 30 minutes

250 RON – 50 minutes

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180 RON – 30 minutes

250 RON – 50 minutes

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